About Me

Hi! I am Bernadette, a.k.a Bee. I am Kenyan by birth and nationality, currently a South Korean resident and a citizen of the world at heart. 🙂

I have always been adventurous and wanted to go past my boundaries and see what lies beyond them. When I lived in a village I wanted to go to the ‘big city’. When I went to the ‘big city’ I wanted to go to a different country. When I went to a different country I wanted to explore a different continent. And now, I just want to go everywhere!

I love to travel. explore, learn and inspire. Occasionally I love an adrenaline rush. But mostly I love enriching myself with experiences from all over the world. I am also an unofficial ambassador for my country Kenya. Every time someone tells me ‘I have never met anyone from Kenya before’ I get so excited because that right there is an opportunity to sell my country. I did study marketing you know. 😉

I hope that by sharing my life experiences,  I will inspire someone to take a chance, take advantage of an opportunity, follow their dream and make the best out of their lives. I also hope I will inspire more Kenyan women…more African women to travel. Enjoy!

Travel and Adventure

To travel is to live! I thought I knew so much until I started travelling and then I realized I didn’t know anything at all. Travel gives you insights to life and an education that you would never get in any classroom! Work hard. Save money. Travel. It will change you. For the better.



Life is an adventure. I always try to make the best out of it, soak in and learn from all the different experiences. That is what makes life interesting.

Bucket List

I started out with an ambitious ‘just-for-fun’ bucket list. A few years down the line I looked back at it and realized I had actually accomplished a couple of things I had thought would forever be in my dreams. I realized that,  like Lupita Nyongo said, ‘No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid’  Put it down on paper. And then work towards it.

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