Jeju Island – Photo Story


I have been drafting a couple of stories but always hitting some kind of amateur-blogger’s block so I decided to get a bunch of photos from one of my trips and use them to tell a story. A photo is worth a thousand words after all, right? So here is how my trip to Jeju island, Korea in 2017 went.

On this Thursday afternoon I headed from work straight to the airport .Β 

I flew into Jeju airport. These garbage bins in the shape of suitcases caught my eye. So cool!Β 

Then took a bus from the airport to Whistle Lark HotelΒ 

We had dinner then settled in for the night. I woke up the next morning and realized I didn’t have to go to work and I was so happy haha!

After freshening up, we got started for the day. Went to this lovely cafe for breakfast .

Then we went to catch the city tour bus. As we waited for the bus to arrive we went to this underground market for some shopping

And of course we had to sample the famous Jeju black pork…

And then we went to Jeju Loveland Park, an outdoor sculpture park full of ….erm….sculptures. That is all I have to say about that. 

And I met someone. I think he is The One. πŸ˜‰Β 

The next day we went to the Southern part of Jeju called Seogwipo.Β  We stopped by the Hello Kitty Island.Β 

And then went to the shooting range.Β 

Trigger happy?

Then we went go karting

And then went to have dinner by the sea…

And then back to Toscana Hotel which was pretty amazing…

And we planned on how we would wake up early the next morning to go and climb Mount Hallassan which has an amazing view from the top. The night unwound with some KGB vodka…

And of course none of us woke up on time to go climb the mountain. Lol.Β 

I headed to the pool. It was September so the water was cold. I got in anyway. Splashed around for a bit before the pool guy came and told me the pool was actually closed and no one was allowed in. But oh well, I had already had my fun. πŸ˜‰Β 

Later on we went to check out some waterfalls.Β 

We had an early morning the next day, with a flight leaving at an ungodly hour on a Monday morning. We went straight from the airport, back to work. We plan to go back to Jeju and this time make it to the top of Mount Hallasan. September was a great choice of a month to go because the weather was great; not too cold, not too hot, just great…and it was not crowded as it gets in the summer so flight tickets and accomodation were affordable. I loved that we made an itinerary on the go. We really didn’t have anything planned, we just grabbed a map with the attractions and decided where to go. There is soooo much to do and see!! I love Jeju. Can’t wait to go back!!


And that, folks, is the end of my story.Β 


  1. I love the mix of photos and words…very nice illustrations…good job. the details are also very useful for a traveller and inspired to travel more and try to document 😊


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